Artificial intelligence paints our future

The industry is transforming more and more into analytics and cognitive driven model. It is expected that in developed countries 7 000 000 “white collar” workers will be replaced by AI solutions in the next 3 years.

Convolutional neural networks enable computer AI to make human-like large scale decisions with extremely high accuracy. When we combine the analytical power of Hadoop with the latest cognitive technologies we will be able to:

  • Offer faster and more automated customer service,
  • provide a more in-depth understanding of customer needs,
  • create more and more self-service solutions, and
  • find weak signals that will be important for decision making.

Elinar arranged a customer and partner event during Pori Jazz 2016 festival. At the event, our Chief Technology Officer Ari Juntunen gave a brief presentation about neural networks, deep learning, and analytics. These topics are present more and more as they shape our future in numerous ways.


We also presented an AI demo in which neural network was taught to paint in a similar style as Edvard Munch painted his painting The Scream. Our guests could take photos of themselves. The photos were then processed: it took our computer and AI five minutes to make around 400 iteration loops to get the result that started to resemble the original artwork.

The presentation of Ari can be found in Slideshare.