Many large enterprises are facing significant challenges on GDPR

Discovery process in complex enterprise environments poses significant challenges.

The challenge comes from multiple unconnected consumer identities across IT systems to old legacy databases with very little documentation…and too much Cobol. On the other hand even modern archives host large volumes of image based data that is difficult or impossible to deal with using traditional regexp based discovery processes.

In order to implement efficient and reliable GDPR discovery we need a tool set that can cope with all enterprise data with ease. Whether it is simple on-disk “bulk”, data on legacy databases or complex unstructured data on images or within databases.

Elinar provides a GDPR solution to deal with all enterprise data. Let’s take a look at its basic architecture.

Elinar GDPR solution includes multiple industry leading IBM Analytics and Security software. It is enhanced with Elinar.Ai to deal with all enterprise data.

Identity management: In order to reliably match all records and data relating to a specific person on varied enterprise landscape we must utilise state-of-the-art identity management solution. IBM Identity Insights allows us to bind up-to hundreds (in large enterprise) of different references and identities into single entity. In future we can reliably identify all data in all systems relating to specific individual.

“Bulk data” crawling: There can be many petabytes of what we call bulk and possibly obsolete and redundant data within the organization. IBM StoredIQ allows us to process large volumes of data in fast and accurate manner. StoredIQ will be able to process significant portion of enterprise data during GDPR discovery process.

Unstructured content: This is where GDPR discovery gets more complicated. Simple regexp-based discovery will not be able to reliably find and tag personal data.

IBM Analytics portfolio contains several key technologies that will enable efficient and accurate GDPR extraction.

  • IBM Datacap is state of the art capture solution that allows processing of all image type data. Datacap InsightEdition makes use of IBM BigInsights advanced text analytics capabilities by utilising AQL annotators during the capture process
  • Elinar.Ai is a powerful platform for detecting patterns (including personal details) within complex unstructured and structured data. Our AI can locate also “non-apparent” records that can be split within a large data by using state of the art neural networks (LSTM & CNN)
  • IBM Enterprise Records holds a pointer (or actual record) to the discovered record. Business can use Enterprise Records then to locate, manage and remove all records related to a particular individual. Enterprise Records stores everything in to IBM BigInsights based Hadoop repository for further analytics
  • IBM BigInsights provides advanced text analytics services to the discovery process using IBM AQL based extremely powerful unstructured content annotators. BigInsights provides also highly scalable and robust data storage and analytics platform for analysing legacy data that will be difficult to work with using other tooling

This is a quick, simplified overview on our comprehensive GDPR solution. On the next article we will focus more on other business benefits that enterprises will be able to gain when implementing GDPR; when done properly, GDPR discovery will turn out to be highly beneficial not just in risk mitigation but driving business into new level of productivity!

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