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IBM Business Partner Summit Sweden 2018

05/23/2018 / IN Blog

As EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline has become closer there has been more and more interest towards our AI Miner – an easy and flexible way to mine unstructured data. The AI Miner can be used in context of GDPR to find out personal records from masses of data. Learn more about this simple, reliable, scalable and repeatable way to identify unstructured data.

In Sweden we had a privilege to tell about our journey in the world of artificial intelligence – Our last year’s participation in IBM Watson Build – a global AI development challenge – during which the AI Miner was created.

IBM Business Partner Summit Sweden 2018

Artificial intelligence has been hot topic all over the place and in Finland one of the hottest AI and robotics location is definitely Pori where Elinar has headquarters. The city of Pori has a strategy of being “artificially intelligent Pori” and thus it is supporting AI development and mindset in the region.

Finland – and Pori – in the pole position of artificial intelligence

Finnish Information Society Development Centre TIEKE arranged a Suomi tekoälyn paalupaikalla (“Finland in the Pole Position of Artificial Intelligence”) event in Pori. We had a privilege to tell there about how we can actually get profit from the data with AI, automation, capture and other content management practices.

AI can power up the sales order processing, it can quickly and accurately scan through thousands of pieces of content to find there just what we need (The AI Miner does this).

AI can help with numerous routine tasks companies have this far used (and are still using) even tens of thousands of hours manual work annually.

TIEKE - Suomi tekoälyn paalupaikalla 2018 Pori


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