Elinar was in Oulu cohosting an AI-event. During the information-rich day, many field professionals presented various possibilities with implementing AI into businesses and the technical executions. Because of the quality program and the fields professionals speeches, there were around two hundred listeners from all over Finland.

Automation lever rises with the help of AI

The morning began with a Business-track. In the section “Case Studies” Elinar’s architect Petri Sysilahti concretely described, how Elinar has helped many different companies to boost their businesses by automating their various processes.

Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IBM techs are most needed in handling vast amounts of data. Companies get information in various formats and someone needs to read and understand it. After that, he/she must decide what to do with the information. Still, this kind of work is mostly done manually which causes difficulties with the processes regardless of the business field.

Elinar’s solutions help you to manage and process data more efficiently. There is a lot of data processing that we can automate. It can be for example; orders, invoices, medical records and removal of GDPR data from the archives. To these examples, it is the most common that the automated processing of these kinds of information would be expensive and time consuming with code-based techs without AI component. That’s why we have combined them. We can train the AI to understand the clients working environment and vocabulary. So that it learns how to implement received information without the need of a human to go through every exception in the data.

ElinarAI understands unstructured data

In the afternoon in a Tech-track, there were more in-depth conversations about AI-based solutions and about their technical executions. Elinar’s CEO Ari Juntunen told how our company’s own AI-solution, ElinarAI, works. So the title of his speech was ”Hybrid development: Combining custom deep learning with existing packaged AI services”.

As Ari told, ElinarAI understands the text, documents and any other kind of unstructured data. It also has the capability to work and create a human-like understanding of unstructured data like the free text in the database. ElinarAI uses traditional text analytics to describe and tokenize the text, it’s a very powerful feature when combined with deep recurrent networks. When starting to use ElinarAI, the customer provides a sample training data using simple UI or exports them in bulk. Based on training data ElinarAI can categorize and extract valuable business information from virtually any piece of unstructured data.

ElinarAI is built on top of IBM PowerAI stack and it’s Nvidia Docker-based, running on scalable IBM Power9 appliances. If you got interested, read more about the technical implementation here.


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Elinar's CTO Ari Juntunen, specialist in augment and automating with AI