Creating data-driven business

Business Data Forum brings together 300+ professionals. The event is a hybrid which means that you can be at Wanha Satama and meet people there or watch a live stream.

Top themes at the event are AI & Robotics, Data, Automation and Analytics. Come and learn how to make data easy to use, how does data change a company’s strategy and decision making, and so on.

Elinar is one of the partners at the event. Come and meet elinarians at Wanha Satama in December. Read more and save your seat here.

Intelligent automation saves money and minimizes errors

Ari Juntunen, the CTO of Elinar, and Tapio Levä, the Head of Data and Analytics of Telia, were on the spot at Business Data Forum. They discussed the benefits of deep-learning AI for business.

See the full speech here (in Finnish):

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