Financial Documents

ElinarAI helps automating processes

Elinar has specialized text analytics modules available for several industries and purposes. In a world full of financial documents, ElinarAI can be useful when automating processes involving e.g. orders, invoices or cash allocation. In large companies in particular, where thousands of orders/invoices may still be handled manually, we can help you to achieve great savings when automating processes with Artificial Intelligence – ElinarAI.

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Automation examples

AI powers up sales order processing

Read here, how ElinarAI can help you to automate sales order processing.

Routine work relating to traditional sales order processing takes up a huge amount of time. Large international companies might have, for example, 20,000 different customers with various different sales order forms. Using traditional capture solutions, it can take hundreds of thousands of hours of work to input all the sales order templates into the system. When combining capture with artificial intelligence, you can save a lot of work effort for more meaningful tasks. We train AI to understand various sales orders – that’s why ElinarAI is worth trying!

AI processes invoices more precision than a human

Learn more, why ElinarAI processes invoice better than a human.

Usually, companies process invoices manually. It is understandable because companies can get multiple invoices in different formats. Then no-one might see the automated process very realistic. Manual work can still easily waste valuable working resources, which is why Elinar created a groundbreaking way to process data, ElinarAI. We can train artificial intelligence for you to do routine tasks that waste your company’s working resources. That means you’ll save costs and get more accurate results to support your decisions.

AI combines payments and open invoices

Read here, why you need ElinarAI to combine their payments to open invoices.

Many companies are struggling with the problem, that the client’s payments don’t correlate with the open invoices. It might not sound like a major problem, but in one industrial company, nearly 20 employees’ resources are needed to process these complicated transactions. However, Elinar is specialized in using AI in processing unstructured data. With our help, the invoice processing automation can increase in this kind of cases from 40 % to 80 %. Taking AI as a part of your business makes it possible to benefit from it in other challenges as well.