Medical Records

ElinarAI automates Medical Records processing


Medical Records contain large amounts of business-critical data in unstructured form. Working with Medical Records requires highly skilled individuals with a deep understanding of both business process and medical terminology making such endeavor expensive. Even highly skilled professional must spend time on reading and understanding each record which translates directly to high processing cost and low efficiency.

Our solution

ElinarAI is trained on history-data that has been processed by skilled individuals for a specific business task. By utilizing our unique capability to combine traditional text analytics (in this case powered by advanced medical dictionaries) with advanced deep learning ElinarAI can achieve a human level of understanding of the specific business domain. Domain trained “Expert-AI” can then free skilled professionals for higher-value tasks.


ElinarAI trained to work on Medical Records allows significant speedup of any business process that deals with them. It also certificates while lowering the cost of processing by the magnitude of 100 or more.

Use case

Our solution will save roughly ten man-years in one company transferring Medical Records to be processed by ElinarAI. The system identifies the relevant points of the statements and gives a direct proposal in 80 % of cases. Unclear cases ElinarAI guides to human workers and learns from it more all the time.

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ElinarAI can be trained for a specific business task.