Every single company that stores EU citizen data must comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation. Companies will be expected to be fully compliant from May 25th 2018.

GDPR is designed to give individuals better control over their personal data and establish one single set of data protection rules across Europe. The new regulation concerns not just to EU-based companies, but any company collecting personally identifiable information (PII) on EU citizens.

Enter GDPR AI Miner

At Elinar we are developing a solution that helps with complying. GDPR AI Miner enables any organization to detect GDPR data and then take action on it.

The solution is for CTO’s, CIO’s and software architects who are aware of GDPR’s effect on software creation and are looking for a way to solve the problem it creates.

EU new privacy regulation “GDPR” changes fundamentally the way businesses handle personal data of EU citizens. GDPR AI Miner aims to ensure that all businesses can safely work with GDPR data. It will be able to understand the content and give quick, easy and accurate feedback on the key problem: Is this GDPR data and why?

GDPR AI Miner can:

  1. Tell whether the content it sees contains GDPR data or not
  2. Identify the GDPR data and the reasons why it is GDPR data

The solution has capability for end-users to train AI using their data so that it is able to detect privacy data unique for each customers’ way of doing business

The GDPR AI Miner has been selected for IBM Watson Build challenge, from the press release:

Elinar has been selected in phase two of the Watson Build challenge to develop its cognitive business plan, GDPR AI Miner, into a working prototype using IBM Watson APIs on the IBM Cloud. IBM will provide Elinar with access to IBM development tools, business mentors and cognitive specialists to bring its concept to life.

PowerAI ensures powerful capabilities

Elinar is using the IBM PowerAI tooling for AI development. PowerAI-developed AI will be GDPR specific that leverages Watson APIs above. For AI, speed is everything, and IBM solution enables this.

The GDPR AI Miner is built on the IBM Power Systems and PowerAI platform. It will use our unique AI capabilities to enable customers to mine huge amounts of GDPR data.

For more information contact:


Ari Juntunen




Elinar has obtained funding from the European Union for business growth through internationalization. The GDPR AI Miner is a part of the internationalization project.

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