Author: Milka Peltomäki

PDF/A rendering

Case story: PDF/A rendering boosted productivity, efficiency and trust

The customer story about documents’ PDF/A rendering in Mutual Pension Insurance Company. Elinar implemented a solution about PDF/A rendering to Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen. Transforming from old documents to PDF / A form enabled fully paperless archiving. In addition, the solution improved Ilmarinen’s productivity, efficiency, and trust with instant access to documents via a […]

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Intelligent Invoice Accounting

Intelligent invoice accounting

The demo shows how you can automate invoice accounting! Companies spend up to hundreds of man-years on manual work like accounting, even if it is possible to handle by Artificial Intelligence (AI). ElinarAI™ -solution does the manual tasks faster, sharper, and cheaper. This intelligent invoice accounting can be used in any industry. ElinarAI™ has the […]

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Headphones on a desk

Services continue, employees work remotely – Elinar’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic

Release 16.3.2020 (in Finnish below) At Elinar, we have been actively following the changes of the coronavirus situation. Because of the health of our employees, customers and all the people around us, our company has introduced the following guidelines: We… prefer telecommuting. cancel trips abroad. keep meetings remotely. minimize domestic travel. do not attend seminars […]

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Elina is looking for Trainee for Software Development

Elinar is looking for a Trainee for Software Development

Hi you, a student from the University of Technology or the University of Applied Science, apply to Elinar for an internship! This year, we welcome at least one talented student to complete your training here. At Elinar, you can grow into a future Software Developer. You might study, for example, Information Technology or Software Engineering. […]

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Elinar's Customer Service Officer Miia Sysilahti

“Well-being at work consists of small things in the middle of everyday life – like taking other people into account.”

Staff interview with Miia Sysilahti, the Customer Service Officer of Elinar  It was the result of many coincidences when Miia Sysilahti arrived in Elinar over 13 years ago. A young woman studied Information Technology at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) and wondered where to apply for her internship. The traineeships for the company she was interested in had already been filled. Then Miia’s mother remembered Elinar, a local […]

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We are looking for System Specialist

We’re looking for a System Specialist, is it you?

Do you enjoy working with customers and creating new solutions? Do you have experience with system designing and deployment? If both answers are ”yes”, keep on reading – you might be our new System Specialist. We’re looking for a person, who can handle application server, database, and web middleware; container platforms and containers in general; […]

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Elinar's quality management system

Elinar’s Quality Management System

We are committed to delivering high-quality ECM products and solutions for our customers by investing in continuous process improvement activities. Our operational processes are maintained and developed based on the ISO/IEC 12207 and ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) standards. We deliver ECM products and solutions as IT system projects. We define a project as a managed set […]

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