Author: Milka Peltomäki

Improving courtroom efficiensy

Improving Courtroom Efficiency

Elinar’s solution for improving Courtroom efficiency Courtrooms around the world are struggling with improving their Efficiency, Accuracy/Correctness of the Resolutions and Traceability. They need to manage and understand a huge amount of information – from old court cases to the latest legislation. Decision fairness, archive management, inefficient workflow, and endless paperwork because of bureaucracy… All […]

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Elinar's Office Secretary Anne Simula sitting on a couch

Anne is the heart of the office

Staff interview with Anne Simula, the Office Secretary of Elinar  When new employees start to work for Elinar, Anne Simula is one of the first persons they meet. She has taken care of the administration of Elinar over eight years now and she knows how important the first impression is. “I still remember how good it felt to […]

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Elinar's long-term employees receiving merit badges

Elinar rewarded its long-term employees with merit badges

Elinar celebrated its long history with employees On Friday, November 22th, 2019, the software company Elinar celebrated its 25th anniversary at Pori. The firm also rewarded employees for their 10, 15 and 20-year careers. The Central Chamber of Commerce‘s silver badge was given to Elinar’s longest-serving employee after 20 years of working for the company. […]

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Person working as a sales / account manager with customers

Elinar is hiring a Sales / Account Manager

Do you have a passion for selling? Do you enjoy meeting people? We are looking for a good Sales / Account Manager to strength our B-to-B Sales Team. We offer versatile, AI-assisted content management solutions. Our clients are large companies and the public sector – it’s good if you know at least one of these […]

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Ari Juntunen is walking on BEPOP's hall

Elinarin tekoäly auttaa tilitoimistojen rutiinityössä

“Viiden vuoden päästä porskuttavat vain tekoälyä hyödyntävät tilitoimistot“, ennustaa Elinarin CTO Ari Juntunen ite wikin julkaisemassa haastattelussa. Hän perustelee väitettään sillä, että tilitoimistoissa tehdään edelleen valtavan paljon työlästä rutiinityötä laskujen käsittelyprosesseissa, kuten tiliöinnissä. Se tarkoittaa korkeita kustannuksia, inhimillisiä virheitä ja työn hitautta. Elinarin kehittämä tekoäly ElinarAI™ auttaa yrityksiä näissä haasteissa. Tekoälyn ansiosta yritykset säästävät kustannuksissa […]

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AI combines payments and open invoices

Elinar uses AI to combine payments and open invoices 

Our customer’s business challenge was to combine incoming payments to open invoices due to incorrect and incomplete reference numbers. This problem occurred with international companies, especially. After implementing Elinar’s AI solution, the degree of automation in invoice processing will grow from 40 % to 80 %. Background Many companies are struggling with the problem, that […]

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Elinar is going in Think Summit

Elinar in Think Summit Helsinki

Think Summit | October 29th 2019 | Messukeskus Helsinki Elinar is one of the sponsors at the Think Summit event. Visit at the Think Campus and extend your professional network. Come and meet us at our stand – find out what is our superpower and how you can get benefit from it! The registration for […]

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Man and woman working as software developers

Elinar is hiring a Software Developer

We’re looking for a new Software Developer to work with our team at Pori. The position is full-time. If you can handle Java, Javascript, and SQL in general, you might be the person we’re looking for. Don’t be shy – send us a job application with salary request and your CV (in Finnish or in […]

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