Ari Juntunen

ElinarAI for Health

Healthcare processes can be automated with ElinarAI. Many tasks that have been this far out of automation scope requiring highly skilled personnel can be automated with production proven ElinarAI. This results increased effectiveness of staff and overall process. Industry Healthcare industry (public and private hospitals, insurance providers and related segments) has multitude of processes that […]

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Mikko Hörkkö

Summer greetings from Mikko Hörkkö

While sitting in the cool airconditioned office you do not realize how warm weather has cherished Finns. Step by step we have received reliefs on restrictions and recommendations which were introduced over the last winter. Now the requisites are most favorable, and we can devote ourselves on celebrating Midsummer and the vacation period. Past winter […]

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ElinarAI: Moving from Deep Learning into Deep Transfer Learning

ElinarAI has been very successful in past years on solving various different unstructured data related challenges, including Accounts Payable / Sales Order Automation, Medical Records Sensemaking and various Legal Issues like GDPR/Privacy and automated analysis of Legal Cases. Our Initial approach was to combine highly advanced ElinarNER (Elinar Named Entity Recognizer) with Deep Learning to […]

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Elinar is expanding knowledge to Red Hat technologies

Elinar has over 20-year long co-operation with IBM. When IBM made acquisition of Red Hat it was obvious support to Elinar’s interest in working with Red Hat also. The decision of being a Red Hat partner was done in 2020. Elinarian’s are very excited about this co-operation and all the opportunities that partnering with Red […]

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Christmas Greetings

Christmas greetings from Mikko Hörkkö

The current year has been exceptional. A quick change in our daily life routines has put us facing entirely new challenges. In the ICT branch, it was quite easy to move from offices to “the home offices”. However, the work ergonomics has taken steps backward now that we are sitting behind the small screen laptop […]

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Mikko Hörkkö juhlisti kunniamerkkiään Elinarin toimistolla

Suomen Leijonan ritarimerkki Elinarin CEO Mikko Hörkölle

Suomen Leijonan ritarimerkki ohjelmistoyritys Elinarin toimitusjohtajalle Tasavallan Presidentti on antanut ansioituneille Suomen kansalaisille kunniamerkkejä Puolustusvoimien lippukunnan päivänä 4.6.2020. Elinarin toimitusjohtaja Mikko Hörkölle myönnettiin Suomen Leijonan ritarimerkki. ”Olen todella kiitollinen huomionosoituksesta, tällainen lämmittää mieltä”, Hörkkö kertoo. Hän on toiminut Elinarin toimitusjohtajana vuodesta 2013 ja osallistuu vapaa-ajallaan aktiivisesti maanpuolustus- ja reserviläistyöhön. Lisätiedot ja haastattelupyynnöt: Mikko Hörkkö Managing […]

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