Corporate responsibility

Financial responsibility

We take responsibility for our financial standing, and our operations must be profitable and cost-effective.

Our goal is to increase our turnover while ensuring organic growth. Financial responsibility also entails sustained competitiveness.

Social responsibility

  • Well-being at work is an important part of our operations. Healthy, motivated staff members are enthusiastic about their work, customers, and co-workers, and they enjoy working together.
  • Our personnel’s competence is one of our values and the source of our inspiration. We all have new things to learn all the time, even if we have already fully mastered some branch of technology. We strive to increase the involvement and influence of our personnel while promoting a culture that encourages our people to exploit their potential to influence things in the right way.
  • We support work-life balance: Vacations and periods of parental leave are a must, and physical and cultural activities are encouraged, with the provision of vouchers. We also aim to minimize the amount of employee overtime.
  • Customer satisfaction is monitored and measured, and our operations are developed in accordance with our customers’ needs. We achieve this by complying with the processes derived from our quality standards and through the continuous improvement of those processes as the business environment and customer needs change. Our activities related to social responsibility also entail cooperating with educational establishments and providing younger generations with an opportunity to widen their knowledge base and increase their experience of working life.

Environmental responsibility

The concepts Green IT and Green Office have become established aspects of our everyday routines. Virtualization and the optimized consumption of electricity are examples of how to take environmental concerns into account in the IT sector.

In line with the Green Office principles, we increasingly rely on electronic invoicing and digital archiving, in addition to basing our own solutions on the electronic processing of affairs. We try to observe the environmental impact of our operations in everything we do and, as far as possible, to influence our shared future through our own actions.

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