Enrich data

Before you can really use your data, you have to enrich it. Manual verification and validation are the first steps for this process, but they can soon become too resource-consuming.

Data verification means that your data is in the correct form and that it contains no errors.

Data validation means figuring out the qualitative aspects of the data at hand, and determining how well it suits your purposes.

After that, we can move you on to the knowledge-creation phase, in which your validated data is enriched further into actual organizational knowledge. Data becomes information after it has been analyzed. Knowledge is what we get when we have a lot of experience with information on a given subject.

Beyond that, we can apply predictive analytics, which is much more than just descriptive analytics. With predictive analytics, we analyze historical and current information in order to predict the future.

Now that we have enriched your data, let’s take a look at how you can start using it.

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