Use data

Basic transactions are the first way to use your business data. As the depth of your organizational knowledge increases, you need more sophisticated solutions: case management practices and–ultimately–artificial intelligence.

As the amount of data and its complexity increase, you should implement workflow practices. After you have established workflow, you can implement case management practices for you that transform parts of your business operation into manageable cases.

Your information may become even more complex; then, your next step is making use of automation.

Ultimately, you can employ powerful artificial intelligence systems can for utilizing your data and transforming it to become much more efficient.

Solutions Delivered

We have delivered many solutions for using business data, from the “Performed” to the “Predictable” process capability level (as per our diagram). For Blueprint Genetics we’ve delivered a whole structure for workflow, case management and automation.

The quality control system at the City of Lahti, Finland uses our case management solution; so does The Unemployment Insurance Fund (TVR).

Next, let’s take a look at how data can be managed at different levels of information complexity.

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