Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company

The new interface empowers users to commit, find, manage and retrieve documents from both active repositories and a long-term archive.

Ilmarinen’s task is to ensure that over 900,000 people employed in Finland receive the pension they have earned from their employment.

Backed by 550 experts in the field, the company helps its clients succeed, and helps their employees enjoy their work and spend a healthy and happy retirement.

Business benefits of this solution

  • Boosts productivity and trust with instant access to documents via a unified interface.
  • Simplifies compliance with legal requirements for long-term document retention.
  • Saves costs by eliminating physical document storage and paper-based processes.

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Business challenge

As an insurer, Ilmarinen needs to store vital policy documents securely for more than 50 years – but it also needs to keep this information easily accessible for use in day-to-day business processes.


Enterprise content management helps the company instantly access data from its archives and other active sources, providing a seamless, unified user experience.

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