High availability and disaster recovery

HADR services cover everything from planning to actual implementation in customer or Elinar environment. Ensuring that your business-critical ECM solutions are meeting corporate requirements for availability and recovery.

High availability and disaster recovery (HADR) is a key component when defining business continuity.

It is important to find balance between availability and disaster recovery time and cost. Using technologies available almost everything up to 99,999 % availability is doable. This might not be practical in terms of cost and operational flexibility.

Common technologies used are:

  • DB2 level clustering using PowerHA
  • DB2 log shipping using HADR
  • Application level clustering
  • Application server level clustering using Websphere Application Server Network Deployment
  • Load balancing technologies
  • Operating system level clustering

IBM ECM platforms are designed for high availability and fast disaster recovery. Implementing HADR in IBM ECM can be suprisingly straightforward and easy.

Contact us and let’s map out your needs.

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