Need some Power for your deep learning and high-performance computing?

Elinar provides High Performance Computing (HPC) services using IBM Power8 “Minsky” S822LC for HPC platform. Some specs:

  • Integrates IBM Power8 analytical technology with NVIDIA NVLink bus to Ultra-Fast NVidia P100 GPUs.
  • 4,2 and 1 GPU configurations are available to support our customers’ Deep Learning and other HPC tasks.
  • Virtual environments come preconfigured with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and IBM PowerAI that has all industry leading machine learning frameworks (Caffe-bvlc, Caffe-ibm, Caffe-nv, Chainer, DIGITS, Torch, Theano, and TensorFlow) preconfigured and ready for use.

IBM PowerAI for cognitive applications

IBM developed PowerAI, enterprise distribution and support for open-source machine and deep learning frameworks to build cognitive applications.

PowerAI helps reduce the complexity and risk of deploying these open source frameworks for enterprises on the Power architecture.

PowerAI is tuned for performance. It offers enterprise support on IBM Power Systems S822LC for HPC platforms used by thousands of developers in commercial, academic and hyperscale systems environments. These Power systems are built with IBM’s POWER8 with NVIDIA NVLink processor that is linked via the high-speed NVLink interface to NVIDIA’s Tesla Pascal P100 GPU accelerators. The CPU to GPU and GPU to GPU NVLink connections give a performance boost to deep learning and analytics applications.

See IBM site for more about PowerAI.

Elinar Power Hadoop

Elinar provides Hadoop as managed service on top of IBM Power8 (and Power9 as soon as it comes available). Our preferred Hadoop distribution is IBM Open Platfrom with IBM BigInsigths as it comes with extensive text analytics capabilities (via IBM AQL) and IBM BigSQL. IBM Power architecture is optimized for analytical workloads and provides superrior performance on analytical workloads.

Contact us and let’s map out your needs.

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