IBM POWER8 / AIX 7.1 Managed Services

Elinar offers full set of services on top of IBM POWER8 architecture using AIX 7.1 operating system. Many IBM ECM and cognitive technologies are business critical to our customers. For such business critical environments Elinar offers the most stable and secure environment in form of IBM POWER8 servers and AIX 7.1 Enterprise operating system. AIX 7.1 can be considered quite dull. It simply works. This might alienate some more adventurous people, but for rest of us, who are more concerned on high availability, maximum up-time and stability this is a huge bonus.

Elinar AIX managed services are tailored and set up as per customer basis. This means that we provide secure services into customer intranet with ease.

We provide managed IBM POWER8 AIX -based services only as part of complete service package that includes everything from server capacity to Elinar high value support and maintenance services for the solutions running on AIX. We are not selling simple IBM POWER8 capacity.

Besides AIX CPU, Memory and SAN disk we will also provide high availability based on IB PowerHA and IBM Websphere Network Deployment as part of our offerings.

Contact us and let’s map out your needs.

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