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As an IBM Business Partner We offer wide range of IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and IBM Collaboration licenses.

Our services include following:

  • Optimizing IBM software solution licensing to meet your organizations needs. We check licensing models, pricing, license agreements and terms of use to fit need.
  • Offering consultation and general information about software solutions, generate tenders and take care of ordering.
  • Elinar will help dealing with and reporting service requests (PRM) to IBM on software which have valid support maintenance. IBM Problem Management Record system can be operated by us.
  • Elinar will give regularly information about solution roadmaps, new functionalities and lifecycles of IBM ECM software.

Our professionals help to choose most cost-effective solution out of IBM software portfolio.

We provide technology services for various IBM products. Here we present the following:

  1. IBM Content Navigator
  2. IBM Datacap
  3. IBM Case Manager

IBM Content Navigator (ICN) is next generation HTML5-based ECM User Experience Platfrom providing seamless user experience across IBM ECM products.
Content Navigator enables businesses to:

  • Deliver content on any device in order to drive better and faster decision making and provide access to content anywhere work is done
  • Secure collaboration between individuals, teams, clients and suppliers through teamspaces and content sharing
  • Integrate Content intensive solutions and applications through open APIs to promote extensibility and data integration
  • Extend reach of content and processes using Navigator plugins

Content Navigator has powerful integration with Microsoft Office Suite, Easy-to-use off-line mode and mobile clients for iOS and Android.

Content Navigator can be used (as of writing) with following IBM ECM products:

  • IBM Content Manager
  • IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand
  • IBM Datacap
  • IBM Enterprise Records
  • IBM Watson Content Analytics
  • IBM Case Foundation
  • IBM Case Manager
  • IBM FileNet p9

Technology services for IBM Content Navigator

Elinar has been providing advanced configuration and development services for ICN since lauch. Almost anything can be accomplished using ICN by extending the base functionality trough open Plug-in architecture. Some examples are:

  • ECM-CRM integration using small ICN plug-in to embed content from repositor into CRM. For example by clicking customer name, list of documents appear underneath customer name. Traditionally this would have been tedious programming work. With ICN plug-in solution takes a few days
  • eClient (component of CM8) customization can be brought over Navigator using plugin architecture
  • Content and Records can be brought over to Sharepoint using simple ICN based web part
  • Integrate ERP solutions into Content Navigator user framework
  • Bring Case Management into Connections or Sharepoint environments. For IBM Connections Case Manager tasks can be shown in the activity stream

Navigator utilizes HTML5, Javascript, DOJO and JSON. This enables developers like Elinar experts or in-house specialists to use state-of-the-art Web 2.0 technologies provide any custom solutions needed.

Read more about Content Navigator here.

IBM Datacap – Enterprise Capture

IBM Datacap allows capture of business critical content at any point of business process. Content may reside on paper, email or it could be Word document or Excel spreadsheet. Datacap allows us to capture business critical content with high efficency by using scalable automated rulerunner technology.

IBM Datacap has several user interfaces, our consultants will choose most effective one for particular use case:

  • Datacap Desktop Client: Windows Client that allows very powerful custom data entry panels
  • Fastdoc Client: New agile Application Development and Capture Client
  • Content Navigator Client: New HTML5 based UI for Client free operation
  • Mobile Client: Android and iOS Client for Mobile Capture

Unlike competition, IBM Datacap is licensed per user. This makes license costs predictable and typically significantly lower than metrics that are based on number of captured pages.

IBM Datacap architecture is very scalable, anything from few pages per day to tens of thousands of pages per hour can be accomplished. Datacap solutions can be provided on-premises or trough Elinar SaaS/Cloud delivery model depending on use case.
Elinar offers wide range of Datacap services from basic simple OCR implementation to advanced table extraction with data validation. We are currently working on combining capture with advanced machine learning in order to provide uniquely powerful capture solutions around the globe.

Read more about Datacap here.

Datacap detailed system requirements.

Datacap supported languages.

IBM Case Manager

Manage effectively knowledge workers and customer interaction. IBM Case Manager (ICM) is IBM Premiere Advanced Case Management product to combat increasing complex workloads knowledge workers face today.

IBM Case Manager (ICM) is built on IBM P8 platform and also supports IBM Content Manager, Enterprise Edition (CM8) fully. It can also manage cases where content resides in other repositories like Documentum trough CMIS linking capability.

User interface layer of ICM is based on IBM Content Navigator framework. This makes Case Manager UI very flexible and easy to adjust into any business case or need. Mobile user interface enables business users to speed up processes by managing cases outside office.

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