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Ari Juntunen

ElinarAI for Health

Healthcare processes can be automated with ElinarAI. Many tasks that have been this far out of automation scope requiring highly skilled personnel can be automated with production proven ElinarAI. This results increased effectiveness of staff and overall process. Industry Healthcare industry (public and private hospitals, insurance providers and related segments) has multitude of processes that […]

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On the road - Elinar upcoming events

IBM PowerAI roadshow in the Nordics

Elinar is again traveling with IBM at Nordic PowerAI roadshow from 10th to 14th April. This time it is much more about live demos and not so much PowerPoints. It is still all about IBM PowerAI and how to use the specific IBM tools to facilitate everything Deep Learning. Since we’ve got a lot of […]

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Jumping to the front of the pack with disruptive innovation powered by AI technology

Elinar takes a step with AI technology Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can – and will – transform processes across every industry. Long-time innovator Elinar saw an opportunity to take its content management solutions to new levels with AI technology. By choosing IBM infrastructure, the company enabled faster, easier development, exceptional performance and shorter time-to-market. Read […]

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