PORI – 12 Sept 2017:

IBM selected Elinar in phase two of the Watson Build challenge. We developed a cognitive business plan, GDPR AI Miner, into a working prototype using IBM Watson APIs on the IBM Cloud. IBM will provide Elinar with access to IBM development tools, business mentors and cognitive specialists to bring its concept to life.

Begins development on cognitive business solution using IBM Watson APIs on IBM Cloud to make GDPR data discovery easy, simple and accessible.

The Watson Build challenge is IBM’s first cognitive challenge which they designed solely for Business Partners. In phase one, IBM received hundreds of business plan submissions from business partners around the world. In phase two, select Watson based solutions were chosen to progress to the next phase where partners will build working prototypes to demonstrate these cognitive products and services.

“The response to our first-ever Watson Build challenge for business partners has been phenomenal,” said John Teltsch, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners. “We congratulate Elinar for presenting a strong business plan centered around IBM Cloud and Watson and progressing to the next round of the challenge. We look forward to supporting Elinar as it works on a prototype for GDPR AI Miner, with the goal of bringing it to our joint clients.”

About GDPR

EU new privacy regulation “GDPR” changes fundamentally the way businesses handle personal data of EU citizens. Elinar’s new solution, Elinar GDPR AI Miner, aims to ensure that all businesses can safely work with GDPR data. It will be able to understand the content and give quick, easy and accurate feedback on the key problem. “Is this GDPR data and why?”

This will enable clients to check their existing solutions and make changes to ensure that they are compliant.

Distinguishing GDPR data requires an unprecedented level of understanding when it comes to data content. Companies have to comb through all their data and yet understand it. It’s important because only then it is possible to come up with all the bits and pieces, which together can be used to uniquely identify a person. This simply cannot be accomplished using traditional methods.

Elinar aims to launch its GDPR AI Miner service on the IBM Cloud. There it will use multiple Watson APIs, including Watson Natural Language Understanding, Watson Text Classification and Watson Document Conversion.

“Watson Build offers an excellent way for Elinar to make a significant leap from per-customer built cognitive AI solutions into repeatable globally available solutions.” – Elinar CTO Ari Juntunen.

With Watson Build Elinar has launched a major R&D project to capitalize our proprietary content-centric AI solutions. Watson Build works as a catalyst for wider commercialization of Elinar AI.

Elinar is a Gold IBM Business Partner in IBM PartnerWorld. It’s a program that gives channel partners the resources and tools they need to succeed in the Cognitive Era.

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