replaces human cognition.

ElinarAI replaces human cognition

ElinarAI – Combination of Advanced Text Analytics & Deep Language Models

ElinarAI understands unstructured data in a similar way to humans. It creates structure into unstructured. Allows clients to use existing data to solve or
automate previously unsolvable business problems.

ElinarAI facts

ElinarAI facts:

  • A comprehensive solution for
    understanding unstructured data.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art text analytics
    (Watson NLU or ElinarNER) together with
    deep learning.
  • Includes IBM Watson and AI solutions
    developed by Elinar.
  • Runs on top of the IBM Watson Machine
    Learning Accelerator (formerly known as
    IBM PowerAI) and utilizes Tensorflow,
    Tensorflow Serving, and TensorRT.

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