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Quality content management with 27 years of experience

Elinar has been focusing on content management solutions for over 27 years now. In addition to content management services, we provide an AI-based solution for identifying and classifying unstructured data. We also offer software solutions, engineering, and AI design, consulting, migrations, and maintenance services. We use IBM technology and licenses, as well as our own AI product ElinarAI.

  • Solutions – We can turn your data into business value thanks to our tailored solutions. Read more…
  • Maintenance services – We offer tailored maintenance services for systems based on the IBM Content Management product family. Read more…
  • Migrations services – Do you need content-to-content migrations or legacy database migrations? Read more…
  • Licenses and technologies – Through us you’ll get a wide range of IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and IBM Collaboration licenses. Read more…

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Artificial Intelligence

Our own AI product ElinarAI takes data and information management to the next level with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). With ElinarAI, we provide comprehensive tools for applying AI to content-centric problems.

ElinarAI is a tool that serves virtually any industry using our generic text analytics (ElinarNER or IBM Watson NLU®). We can provide specialized text analytics modules for several industries and purposes:

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