Certificate automation

Certificate automation

Certificate automation

With certificate automation you can speed up business processes and digital archiving of certificates becomes easier.

Manufacturing companies worldwide are required to handle and manage certificates for chemicals and materials they use. Each batch or shipment of goods comes with a unique certificate documenting the properties and purities of the batch. Managing and handling these certificates is a universal chore that all manufacturing businesses face. We have a solution – ElinarAI for certificate automation.

business process automation

ElinarAI for certificate automation

The certification documents are received in different types of media and to a large extent processed manually when information is entered into company ERP’s or sent forward for example to customers. Each manually handled document can take from a few minutes up to more than ten minutes on average. As the volumes increase the manual work will be boring, prone to errors, and expensive.

ElinarAI for certificate automation creates structure into unstructured or semi-structured data based on examples it observes during the AI training process. It understands documents and enables business process automation by extracting knowledge previously provided by humans.

ElinarAI for certificate automation’s core function is to replace humans in processes involving human-generated understanding of certificate documents or records. This helps to speed up the processes while lowering the cost and error rate.

chemical automation benefits

Benefits of certificate automation
  • Speed up business processes (by requiring less human intervention)
  • Improves delivery reliability
  • Decrease errors in the process and increase automation level
  • Decrease labor costs (reduce blue-collar workers)
  • Generate new business opportunities by finding hidden data from unstructured that has not been feasible before ElinarAI
  • Digital archiving of certificates becomes easier

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