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ElinarAI – our own product

ElinarAI takes data and information management to the next level with advanced artificial intelligence(AI) by providing comprehensive tooling for applying AI on content-centric problems.

Elinar Artificial Intelligence

Elinar has been heavily involved with advanced topics on text analytics for over a decade. Our deep expertise in text analytics and inherent problems associated with linguistics, word dictionaries and regular expressions has enabled us to take unstructured data analytics into the next level. Elinar has a strong history on augmenting IBM Watson NLU®, IBM Watson Explorer®, IBM StoredIQ® and IBM Datacap® with artificial intelligence to provide AI Augmented Enterprise Content Analytics and Management solutions. Our own R&D on Unstructured Data AI started 5 years ago; This work has resulted in significant Elinar IP: ElinarAI

ElinarAI core capabilities are:

Complex Feature Extraction from unstructured data. For Example ElinarAI is able to:

  • Extract Order or Invoice lines
  • Deduct from Field Service Men report which parts were damaged or what was the reason for the damage
  • Tell why customer got angry from customer complaint
  • Create a structure on Medical Record; extract a reason for a doctor visit and tell what medication was ordered
  • Extract complex privacy information from a document
  • Help with redaction tasks; ElinarAI can discover what needs to be redacted from a record

Advanced Classification of a document or business record. ElinarAI can:

  • Learn and create virtually any type of classification, for example security classification
  • Use multi-valued complex classifications, for example which body part was injured
  • Mix complex classification schemas together; for example there can be tens of classification categories (like MRI, Rtg, Specialist Visit, Generalist Visit, Nurse Visit, Damaged Body Part and so on)

ElinarAI uses supervised learning; It learns from samples that can be either obtained automatically from existing business process/system or generated manually by humans.

ElinarAI contains all tooling for Training Data Preparation, AI Training and Scalable Inferencing. Our solution is not a framework that requires deep involvement by corporate IT developers. Instead it allows the business to create AI training data in an intuitive environment. Once training data has been created (or provided) ElinarAI provides inferencing using the simple but secure REST interface to be used by any corporate process.

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Ari Juntunen
Chief Technology Officer
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ElinarAI is an AI tool that serves virtually any industry using our generic text analytics (ElinarNER or IBM Watson NLU®); Elinar has specialized text analytics modules available for several industries and use cases:


ElinarAI is available for our technology partners for reselling and distribution. We offer full development and deployment support for your AI projects. We also support “Black Box”; you can take Elinar technology and brand it as your own.

Elinar has currently a large number of “Product Seeds” that we encourage our partners to build into full industry/topic specific repeatable products. We have proven the technology and are looking for partners that possess deep industry knowledge and a vision on how to capitalize it in large scale.

Examples of current partner products/offerings:

  • Privacy data mining (Cross-Industry)
  • Legal resolution analysis (Legal)
  • Medical records redaction (Medical)
  • Senior Citizen home care report analytics (Social Services)
  • Medical diagnostic support (Medical)
  • Invoice → Accounting (Financial Services)

Partner channel is a strategic growth area for Elinar for next years, do not hesitate to contact us for an in-depth discussion!

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Account Manager
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We're looking for new partners to cooperate with us.

ElinarAI Tech

ElinarAI consists of two major components; ElinarAI Miner (Docker Container) and actual AI instances that are run on Tensorflow Serving containers. Commonly ElinarAI Miner instance is hosted at the customer data center and AI Instances are running at Elinar data center on IBM Power8/9 HPC appliances. We also support fully customer hosted option with additional cost. AI model training is done at Elinar data center using IBM Power8/9 HPC appliances.


ElinarAI Miner provides full REST API for business processes and external systems to query AI and provide training data. ElinarAI Miner also provides highly optimized user experience for manual training data entry with an intuitive approach for both tagging and advanced document classification.

Text Analytics

ElinarNER (Elinar Named Entity Recognizer) is one major part of ElinarAI Miner; it prepares and anonymizes data for both AI training and inferencing. ElinarNER has several custom models available from Privacy Data to Medical Vocabulary.


ElinarAI model training is done using 100% anonymized (pseudonymized) data with significant portions of contents heavily changed (we are training models to recognize meaningful patterns in unstructured data, thus we can remove all identifying information and business secrets from the training data); this ensures that even the strictest information security and privacy requirements can be covered with ease. For example when we are training the model on Sales Orders (SO) we can not deduct from training data which product was ordered or how many of them or by which individual.

Deep Learning Models

ElinarAI Tensorflow models vary based on the complexity of the business problem and the volume of training data. They range from simple classification  (fairly narrow construct with a few Convoluted layers and 3-5 recurrent layers) to sophisticated deep models for data extraction. We have developed a large “cookbook” of deep learning models for various text and content-centric problems; Elinar specialists do have a long experience with these models and will fine tune the models with the client architects for optimum performance and accuracy based on business requirements. For example AI that creates a security classification (Secret, Confidential, Company Confidential, Public) uses quite much different topology from AI that needs to extract 40 different topics (like a reason for complaint) from a document.

Training data management and Workflows

ElinarAI Miner manages all customer training data. Training data can be managed as per project/topic basis. Training data is secured and individual trainers will only see data assigned to them. This ensures secure training data creation. Administrative users can assign training data to individuals in bulk and access training data created by each individual to ensure the quality and correctness of data. ElinarAI Miner allows the business to leverage the crowdsourcing and other innovative ways to mitigate the cost of AI implementation.

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Ari Juntunen
Chief Technology Officer
+358 40 524 4482


  • ElinarAI is a comprehensive solution for understanding unstructured data
  • Leverages State-of-the-Art Text Analytics (Watson NLU or ElinarNER) together with Deep Learning
  • It includes IBM Watson and Elinar-developed AI solutions.
  • Runs on top of IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator (formerly known as IBM PowerAI); leverages Tensorflow, Tensorflow Serving and TensorRT

For the first time in history, we are in a situation where computers are capable of programming themselves.