AI Automation

AI automates manual processes

ElinarAI – Step to the next level

Elinar takes data and information management to the next level with an advanced AI. We can automate manual processes in many different fields and cases.


  • cost of manual processing documents is very high
  • with ElinarAI™ process automation level can be increased to >80%
  • ROI for ElinarAI™ investments < 6 months


You will save not only valuable working time but also money! Download Infographic “What can you achieve with AI automation?” here.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about ElinarAI™

“We already use RPA, why expand to AI?” Read the answer from this and the other most frequently asked questions about our Artificial Intelligence product ElinarAI™ here.

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ElinarAI™ helps you to get better results. Read more:

ElinarEasy helps you automate manual processes like invoices, sales orders or cash allocation -text with clouds backround.

ElinarEasy™ enable automated processes.

ElinarHealth™ helps you automate manual processes like medical records reading

ElinarHealth™ makes medical records sensetable.


ElinarAI™ go through legal documents.

ElinarAI™ is an efficient way for automate manual processes

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