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Business Goals

Cognitive AI can create savings in almost all business processes and support processes where humans are required to interpret and manually transfer information.

In this case, we are talking about processes that require manual human work on handling records and documents.

Artificial Intelligence

What can you achieve with cognitive AI?
  • More resources without increasing the workforce
  • Less errors, better quality
  • Fast and efficient processes
Which processes can typically be automated by using AI?

A task related to a process that has been done by a human until now, but;

  • The number of transactions is reasonably large, the duration of manual work is long or the process has several small manual steps requiring human cognition
  • Manual work with human labor is expensive
  • The person could be used more effectively in other work / in another phase of the process
  • Depending on the nature of the work, people make mistakes
  • People have working time restrictions
  • Handling sensitive material anonymously

A task related to the process that could not be done until now because:

  • The task requires going through a huge amount of data
  • The task requires specific knowledge, which is rare
  • The task must not be influenced by the author’s own opinions / view
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about ElinarAI

“We already use RPA, why expand to AI?” Read the answer from this and the other most frequently asked questions about our Artificial Intelligence product ElinarAI here.

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