The benefits of ElinarAI

Benefits of ElinarAI

There truly are many processes where people think that humans must be in charge and must provide human cognition.

The point is that modern, deep capable AI can make sense of unstructured data in the same way as humans do. Our deep transfer learning ElinarAI product portfolio replaces human cognition helping our customers to speed up business processes and free humans.

With our help, you increase the automation level of processes up to 85-95% with a fast ROI. The benefits of ElinarAI are truly impressive. Read below why.


7 reasons how you can benefit from the use of ElinarAI
  • Automation level up to 85-95%, we remove bulk leaving special cases for human experts
  • Accelerated processing time
  • Optimization of resources
  • Improved product and service quality
  • Improved features and usability for product/service
  • The number of human errors decreases as numerous manual work steps are eliminated
  • The delivery reliability and speed of the organization and customer service improves

cost savings

How about the cost savings?

In a best-case scenario, ROI can be achieved within a month of the completion of the automation project.

However, the payback depends on the company and the process that is being automated. Normally, savings are achieved in less than a year, often as soon as in 5-6 months.

For example, we have a partner who sells our financial solution that automates invoice handling for the accounting process. It costs 1800€ to turn on and 29 cents per invoice to process. So, investment in AI solutions is not that expensive.

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