Service and trading company – BOS

One of Norway’s largest service and trading companies, Bertel O. Steen (BOS), saves a large amount of work effort because of a leading document management solution.

Business challenge

During a typical day, BOS dealerships scan up to 2000 documents a day. The company needed to improve its service by making the use of company documents more agile. These documents include for example service orders, sales contracts, and pictures. BOS needs to save time and increase quality because they have a great number of documents they need to handle and archive manually.

Solution and technology

Elinar created a solution to meet this business challenge based on IBM technology. This archive is called BDA (BOS Digital Archive) and it consists of IBM’s:

  • Filenet® as a content repository to store the documents
  • Watson® as an analytical search engine to find and analyze them
  • Datacap® as a capture solution to push content into the archive (watch video)
  • Navigator® as the easy to use front-end and user interface

The archive is a robust and scalable enterprise-level archive platform. It is also very secure as it sets BOS to decide who can see what based on the dealer the employees work at. Audit functionality enables that confirming policies are being followed by the users. The archive handles automatically thousands of documents daily – Less than 5 % needs to validate manually.

IBM Watson acts as an easy-to-access search engine, making finding the right documents easy and intuitive. Analytics capabilities enable discovering new insights from the archived material. The archive is also easily accessible with a web browser from anywhere on mobile or computer.


BOS saves time in scanning documents and employees can find the information later with better quality. As much as eight full-time equivalents (FTE) of work will be saved when phase one of the solution is fully complete. Besides work time savings the solution will allow more responsive customer service and higher performance of overall processes.

  • BOS saved 8 full-time equivalents of work annually approximately.
  • Reliable platform, if you need to expand.
  • You can handle warranty claims efficiently.
  • Audit processes are also easier.

Elinar's reference Bertel O. Steen (BOS)

Bertel O. Steen (later abbreviated BOS) is one of Norway’s largest service and trading companies that imports and resells Kia, Peugeot, Citroen and Mercedes Benz cars. 2011 the company had 2 660 man-years and operating revenues of 1,27 billion euros.

"The archive handles automatically thousands of documents daily."

Bertel O. Steen (BOS) trades Mercedes Benzs

Solution tech summed:

  • IBMFilenet®
  • IBMWatson®
  • IBMDatacap®
  • IBMNavigator®