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We are a human-oriented Finnish company that works with leading technologies and AI. Our employees enjoy a flexible working culture and a relaxed atmosphere in the office.

We actively take care of well-being at work and organize joint activities to maintain our community.

We are constantly looking for new people to our team in Pori, Finland, and remote. Our head office is located in Pori. We have also branch offices in Sweden and Norway.

We have variations for different jobs, but mostly our needs are in Software Developing.

We recommend sending an open application because we always check the latest one of them before public search.

Applications shall be retained for six months.

In your open application, describe yourself, your skills, and your working history. Include your CV -in Finnish or English. Send email to: careers(at)

employee benefits

Employee benefits

We offer our regular employees the following benefits:

  • Telephone benefit
  • Extensive occupational health care
  • Sports and cultural vouchers
  • Opportunity to work remotely
  • Common breakfast time at the office
Get to know us

Tommi Turunen Account Manager at Elinar

“It feels as if I would have been working here for a long time already!”
– Tommi Turunen

English | Finnish

Trainee Jonathan Pere

“I can easily recommend Elinar to local students as the place of an internship.”
– Jonathan Pere

English | Finnish

Software Developer Saana Lukka

“I see much of practical work going on for well-being at work.”
– Saana Lukka

English | Finnish

“There are no cliques – new employees are quickly gaining access to the community.”
– Miia Sysilahti

English | Finnish

Solution Architect of Elinar Petri Sysilahti

“I feel the work I do here is meaningful. We are helping to make the world a better place.”
– Petri Sysilahti

English | Finnish

Marketing Manager Leena Tähti

“The most rewarding in this work has been implementing my visions.”
– Leena Tähti

English | Finnish

Software Designer Kaisa Rauta

“It’s great when I see my work result working in practice.”
– Kaisa Rauta


Team Leader Taija Weckström

“I’m motivated by helping others and carrying responsibility.”
– Taija Weckström

English | Finnish

System Designer Antti Helander

“Elinar is a supportive working community with a good team spirit.”
– Antti Helander


Development Manager Elina Juntunen

“I must know almost everything that happens inside the company.”

– Elina Juntunen

English | Finnish

Project Manager Mikko Ahohonka

“I like that I can be the master of my own working.”

– Mikko Arohonka


CEO Mikko Hörkkö

“My work is really rewarding even though the working days are long.”

– Mikko Hörkkö