Privacy (GDPR)

A powerful solution to manage privacy data.

GDPR Solution

Thanks to new legislation, there are nowadays so much information to handle that no-one can’t manage privacy (GDPR) data just manually.

We are specialized in personal data processing with our partner Aigine. Because of AI, the program can identify and sort personal information much more efficiently than code-based software. AI learns to identify personal data from the context of any unstructured data.

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Problems dealing with the GDPR?

ElinarAI is a simple, reliable, scalable and repeatable way to identify unstructured data. It makes a complex GDPR compliance and data discovery problem a simple one. We’ve built the ElinarAI for GDPR and other personal data discovery on the IBM Power Systems and PowerAI platform. It uses our unique AI capabilities to enable customers to mine huge amounts of personal data. Our solution can tell whether or not the content it sees contains GDPR (personal) data or not, and identify the GDPR data.

  • ElinarAI enables any organization to detect personal data so that you can then act on it.
  • An easy-to-use solution for GDPR or other data discovery.
  • Train AI using your own data so that AI can detect personal data uniquely for each customer’s operating methods.
  • Makes unstructured data simple to access and utilize.
Trial ElinarAI
  • You can test ElinarAI with a limited amount of documents.
  • Customers can choose the data samples – approximately 200 – 2000 will be needed from the customer (versatile sampling of data). The number of samples depends on the complexity of the samples.
  • We can connect ElinarAI to virtually any system through a programming interface (REST API).
  • At a fixed price.
ElinarAI in a nutshell
  • An easy and affordable GDPR solution to see if some of your project data include personal data. No need for expensive development and IT projects.
  • Available on-demand/as a cloud-based (pay-as-you-go) service in Elinar’s cloud and soon in the IBM Cloud.
  • Also available as an on-site solution.
  • You train the AI for your business content and the ElinarAI gives you the results.
  • Personal data security: For training, we have pseudonymized the sample material – not even the relevant individuals can recognize their own records. During the actual personal data discovery process, the data is simply run through AI (through Elinar’s or IBM’s cloud for on-site solutions and through Elinar’s Minsky computer for on-site solutions). AI does not, therefore, save the data because that would compromise data security.
  • Personal data requirements are constantly evolving. That is why we can help you also train ElinarAI for future needs.

Aigine - product for privacy (GDPR) data handling





Elinar collaborated with Aigine! We created a unique, repeatable, and highly scalable solution. It helps businesses globally to ensure compliance with the GDPR about unstructured data and the required legal basis for storing such data.