Why Elinar?

We are unstructured data content specialist.

Why Elinar

We provide unstructured data understanding using the Deep Transfer Learning methods of AI.

In the digital world, business success depends on the efficiency of information processes. The amount of data and the number of digital events are increasing exponentially. At the same time, business processes are increasingly dependent on data processing. In addition, businesses need to introduce new features so that they can achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

At Elinar, we focus on understanding our clients’ needs and developing efficient solutions to solve business problems. We have been doing this successfully for over 28 years. We have been an IBM Business Partner since the company was founded. As such, our IBM content and information management technology portfolio offers a market-leading set of technologies ready for the new cognitive era.


Community of Elinar

Community of Elinar

Elinar is more than a place of work. We are a community that combines respect and trust for people and individuals. Trust in each other ensure that we can work in a flexible work environment. Friendships, families, and long-term customer relationships are born in Elinar’s community.

Expertise inspires

Expertise inspires

Expertise is the continuous development of a person’s own talent. We encourage our staff to acquire new innovative skills but also appreciate the expertise that has accumulated over the years.


Commitment to quality thinking and corporate responsibility

Our operations are based on quality and responsibility. We are committed to maintaining our operations, continuously improving them, and effectively producing human-like understanding with our solutions. We create added value for our customers through our expertise, understanding of needs, and experience.

Corporate responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility
  • Well-being at work is a fundamental part of operations. Healthy and motivated experts are devoted to work, to customers and to the work community. They enjoy working together.
  • Personnel know-how is a source of our values and inspiration. We encourage learning, innovation and we continuously improve operations.
  • Work life balance is endorsed with flexible working practices.
  • Our responsibility for active leadership and managerial practices is acknowledged. We genuinely care for Elinarians, our customers and our partners.
  • We follow and measure customer satisfaction, which means life to us. We develop our operations and solutions based on our customers’ needs.
  • Our social responsibility reaches to welfare in our society, where our ICT solutions create new opportunities and release people to work in new and interesting functions.

Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility
  • We are responsible for the profitability and competitiveness of our business.
  • Our ambition is to increase our turnover and enable organizations to increase their competitiveness with our intelligent (smart) ICT solutions.
  • It is important for us to take care of both social and environmental responsibility. This is enabled only when our economic performance is good, and our business is efficient.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility
  • Green ICT and Green coding concepts are a part of our low-carbon digital service supply. Virtual environments, optimal electric consumption and efficient coding are examples of how we pay attention to environmental responsibility.
  • Ethical principles of data and artificial intelligence obligate us to sustainable and ecological accountability.
  • Following Green Office principles, we prefer utilizing digital and smart solutions for our customers that enable reducing the carbon footprint.
  • In our purchases we favor ecological sustainability and circular economy functions.
  • Our datacenter utilizes 100% renewable energy: wind and solar power.

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