The Social Insurance Institution of Finland – KELA

The new solution has helped KELA in many ways

Kansaneläkelaitos (KELA) is Finland’s social security organization and its headquarter is in Helsinki. The organization is responsible for providing basic social security for residents of the country. It also tells the public information regarding benefits and services. Kela undertaking research to develop social security further and do statistics, estimates, and projections required. These are needed for planning and monitoring benefit programs.

Business need

In order to elevate business efficiency and sharpen its accuracy when dealing with social security records, Kela needed to improve its information management practices.

Prior to the new solution, the organization managed its records via a time-consuming, error-prone paper-based process. Using this method, important documents were occasionally lost.

Furthermore, Kela didn’t have a set process for managing email. To alleviate these pain points, the organization began looking for a robust information management solution.

Solution implementation

After evaluating a range of competing solutions, Kela decided to implement a powerful solution developed by IBM Business Partner Elinar Oy Ltd. It comprises IBM Records Manager, IBM Document Manager and IBM Content Manager software into a single offering.

The new solution manages cases, documents and records digitally and seamlessly no matter where or how they were created. Because of the integrated records management capability, the organization can collect records from various sources like email and ensure compliance with government regulations.

The benefit of the solution

Kela can now move safely into paper-free eGovernance. Since going live, the new solution has helped the organization improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of records management.

Furthermore, the new solution consolidates the organization’s information management practices to a single point of access. This naturally eases the process significantly.

Solutions / Offerings

Government: Social services and social security
Software: IBM Records Manager, IBM Content Manager for z/OS, IBM Document Manager

Elinar's reference Kela

The Social Insurance Institution (Kela) is a state institution that started to work on December 16. in 1937. Kela manages the basic security of people living in Finland in different life situations. There are about 6,500 employees at Kela.

"The new solution manages cases, documents and records digitally."

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