Do you need
an AI partner?

Do you need an AI partner

What is the success factor of your business? Ours is the utilization of artificial intelligence in business processes.


ElinarAI moves humans into productive and meaningful activities. Most repetitive tasks requiring human cognition can be automated using advanced AI, capture, and robotics.

Our strength is the ability to understand unstructured data. In practice, we can automate to a very high level any business challenge where people need to process large amounts of unstructured data and provide human-level acumen.

AI partner

With the right AI partner, you will improve your competitiveness

Are you looking for a supplier for AI solutions or components as part of your offering? We at Elinar have over 25 years of experience in the data processing. Our AI product called ElinarAI combines state-of-the-art text analytics with deep learning AI. Our product doesn’t replace existing systems, it complements them.

With ElinarAI

  • lock in your customers tighter and sell more
  • business processes become more efficient and capable
  • helps you to generate new business on existing and new accounts
  • customers and employees are more satisfied
  • management receives more refined information to support decision making

AI product

Ready-made AI product or customized solution

We have ready-made AI products for various use cases to overcome business challenges. ElinarEasy, for example, automates invoice automating processes, and ElinarHealth processes medical records.

We have trained our AI individually with industry-specific vocabulary for each purpose. These products are immediately available for resale and distribution.

We also tailor solutions on a company-by-company basis – In practice, ElinarAI can be embedded in any business process that involves a lot of manual work. As your partner, we offer full development and deployment support for your AI projects.

AI brings value

AI brings more value to customers

Do you want to automate your customers’ function or business process and you have not been able to provide a solution yet? Let us help you.

Many companies that utilize RPA are disappointed with its level of automation. If automation is based on man-dictated rules, no miracles can be expected from it. On the other hand, Deep learning AI learns to apply the information it receives and thus develops over time. In other words, AI gives the brain to automation.

If you have a ready-made product that needs additional/more capabilities with AI, we offer ElinarAI also on a “black Box” basis in case you can brand the product as yours. With our help, you increase the automation level of various solutions to about 80% with a fast ROI.

Together we can dominate the world

Take the benefits of AI into your company’s profit flow and join our partner network! Our team is here for you, ready to serve:

  • Leena Tähti, Marketing Manager, develops and hosts our partner network
  • Ari Juntunen, CTO, answers questions about technical implementation
  • Mikko Hörkkö, CEO, takes care of contract matters.

Get in touch and we’ll talk more or use contact form below.

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If you have any questions, check to see if they are already listed in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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