Invoice Accounting

ElinarEasy™ automates invoice posting in the accounting process

Companies spend up to hundreds of man-years on manual work like accounting, even if it is possible to handle by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our ElinarEasy™ -solution to automate invoice accounting does the manual tasks faster, sharper, and cheaper. You can use the solution in any industry.

Our free demo shows how you can automate invoice accounting by ElinarEasy™!

ElinarEasy™ has the following abilities:

  • It gives you a more accurate cost analysis without human errors.
  • You will save your workers valuable working time.
  • Your company will stop wasting money.
  • The solution provides +85 % automation in the posting of purchase invoices.

ElinarEasyis a solution that combines IBM’s top technology (IBM Datacap©) and Elinar’s own Artificial Intelligence (ElinarAI™). Test our free demo to see step by step how it will do the posting process in invoice accounting for you automatically in a few minutes!

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ElinarEasy – Automated invoice accounting Demo progress

Step 1.


At first, you’ll see a short video about the demo and the benefits of ElinarEasy™ for automating your invoice accounting process. If you want, you can also skip this step and move forward via “Start demo” button. Notice: after the video, the demo is silent.

Step 2.

Incoming invoices

Your company receives invoices from many sources. ElinarEasy™ recognizes scanned documents, email attachments, e-invoices, and so on… Here you can take a closer look at two different scanned invoices (by clicking the picture in the demo). Later ElinarEasy™ will account automatically these same documents about travel expenses.

Automate invoice accounting - Your company receives invoices from many sources

Step 3.


We use IBM Datacap© for capturing data from any source. The data you need will next be found from invoice #1. It takes just some seconds – AI is faster than a human.

Read more about the used technologies in ElinarEasy™:

Automate invoice accounting - ElinarAI combines incoming invoice data into a single data stream

Step 4.

Automatic processing

ElinarEasy™ validates and enriches invoice data. And it puts every cost to the right cost centers in practice. This is possible because of the learning data which AI has gotten beforehand. Still, there are some new cases for AI from time to time, and then you’ll need to confirm the right answer.

Invoice data is automatically validated and enriched

Step 5.

Unclear cases

In this Travel Expense -invoice, “meeting room rent” is not meant to be in the cost center “rents”, but in “negotiation expenses”. You must teach it to the ElinarEasy™ by verifying it from the drop down menu (it’s the green one).

Teaching ElinarAI™

Step 6.

Data goes into ERP System

When you have verified data, ElinarEasy™ now knows that the meeting room rents in travel expenses are not belonging to the general rents. Your verifying is the key to why it’s learning better and better all the time, and the amount of manual work is constantly decreasing.

Automate invoice accounting - Processed invoice data is sent to accounting systems

Step 7.

Learning AI

Later, when ElinarEasy™ processes the next invoices, it will remember your verifying and puts the same kind of expenses automatically to the right cost center.

Automate invoice accounting - ElinarAI is smart and will learn from your input

Step 8.


At the end, you’ll see how automated invoice accounting could help you and your company. Whether your problem is mistakes with accounting, expensive invoice processing, slow data transfer to the accounting system or CFO, we can help you.

Benefits of ElinarAI


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