Elinar reached the finals of the IBM Watson Build global challenge!

10/26/2017 / IN Blog

Watson is IBM’s cognitive computing technology that understands structured and unstructured data, reasons to create hypotheses, learns from collaboration and interacts with humans in a natural way.

Cognitive solutions can enhance human expertise. They can provide insights and answers to challenging questions in any industry, across all businesses and fields of expertise – including where your customers depend on you.

Watson Build is a global challenge designed to help imagine and build a cognitive solution.

At Elinar we are creating cognitive solutions for data and information management. We are thrilled with opportunities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Taking a part in Watson Build was obvious for us.

We took a part with a solution that we call GDPR and Privacy AI Miner.

GDPR means (EU) General Data Protection Regulation and becomes enforceable next year after a two-year transition period. The regulation states for example that individuals can ask what information companies have about them – and delete that information (they have a right to be forgotten). Sanctions for violations can reach up to 20 million € or up to 4 % of yearly global turnover.

The AI Miner can tell does any data mass contain privacy data and records that goes under the upcoming regulation. The solution uses IBM Watson APIs (Application Programming Interface) and can be used via IBM Bluemix platform.

Trainable artificial intelligence learns from sample material what kind of expressions and such are used in company data. Then the solution can easily discover any desired privacy data: The Miner engine can be used for not just GDPR data discovery but for basically any data discovery needed.

Towards the European finals in Cannes

A month or so ago we were selected for Watson Build European finals with around 30 other companies. Our solutions was technically proven by IBM experts and we gave a 20-minute pitch about it. Obviously a winning pitch as next we could say:

New York, here we come!

After the Cannes event we started waiting for the results. A week ago – as we were participating IBM Finland Watson Helsinki Summit – we got the message that we’ve been selected as a wildcard competitor for the Watson Build finals in New York!

There are only two finalists from the whole Europe, and only eight finalists from the whole world.

The finals will take place on Thursday 2nd November. We are thrilled to be there!

Read more about our solution.

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