Staff Interview with Elinar’s Customer Service Officer and Software Designer Kaisa Rauta

How long have you worked in Elinar?

I have worked in Elinar 4 years now.

Why Elinar?

I first heard about Elinar at the Tampere University of Technology when I studied information management for the first year. My dad hinted that Elinar was in the right field where I was studying. I applied to Elinar for a couple of occasions before I got in. I first came to Elinar for summer job and after that I started writing my thesis to Elinar. Now i have a permanent job and I have been really enjoying it.

What is your job?

I work as a Customer Service Officer at the customer interface. I help clients at Elinar’s service desk to solve their error situations. In addition, I work as a Software Designer. I develop and maintain a Datacap application.

What is your motivation?

I’m motivated to see that I’ve get work done and when I learn new things. Learning new things can also challenge yourself.

What’s the best in your job?

Learning new things and seeing the results of finished work.

What kind of work community does Elinar think you have?

Elinar is, in my opinion, a open working community, with easy access to various job assignments. When I came to Elinar I was the youngest in the company and I was well received to work community.