Staff Interview with Elinar’s CEO Mikko Hörkkö
How long have you been working with Elinar?

Six years for now as a CEO.

Why is Elinar?

My work history developed in the way that I was in the early 2000s in Asia in Singapore, where I lived with my family. Here my job included sales and customer relationship management in the north of Tokyo, in the west of Delhi, in the east of Auckland and in the south of Melbourne. Each year, I traveled on average over 200 days a year, and I still remember the moment I waited for home flight to Singapore on Kuala Lumpur Field and wondered what I was doing during the week and I said I spent more time on airplanes, hotels and taxis than I spend time on. And all the time it was also away from home, so it did not benefit anyone. Then I made the decision that this was enough, but after all, only six years later, it became an appropriate opportunity to move to Elinar.

What is your job?

In this company size it includes everything. It includes human resources management, financial management, sales management, networking, and liaising with partners and partners. Just as my job also includes, for example, when the current office space was changed, I installed the drawing boards on the walls. So my work includes that and everything in between.

What is your motivation?

I am motivated by challenging work and challenging goals, as well as the encouragement of the environment, it helps to get the job done.

What’s the best in your job as a CEO?

Many good sides. At present, I have the experience I have behind my previous life, including human resource management, sales management, financial management and project management, so I can do it all in one role. Even though it is a long day, this has still been really rewarding.

What kind of work community does Elinar think you have?

This is a comfortable working community in that sense that there are many independent individuals with different opinions and views on things that are slightly stronger in the other and others are a bit weaker, but there are a lot of skills and abilities here. And of course, what brings the atmosphere to this work community is not that we are in Satakunta but our customers are challenging and very different, so we need flexibility in many directions.

How do you see Elinar in the future?

We’ve always been looking for a springboard that we can get strong forward. We had product training with the ARTO product that did not fly. Now we have the chance that instead of running hard on the bike and trying to get stronger by pushing the wheel. Now we have the opportunity to sit on the wheel and start to get really strong. Then, with this product business, we will have the opportunity to get a steady stream of income that will help with business fluctuations.