Antti Helander works as a System Designer at Elinar and he likes the good team spirit of the work community. Read our third staff interview.

Interviewee: Antti Helander

Title: System Designer

How long have you worked with Elinar? 3,5 years

Why Elinar? I studied information technology in the University of Applied Sciences when I received an email from my school that Elinar was looking for an employee. I applied to Elinar and at first I got to participate in a demo project and then I ended up doing a thesis for Elinar. After that I got a permanent contract of employment.

What does your work include? My work includes installing and configuring IBM products on servers. I also work at Elinar’s service desk to handle customer error situations. I am also responsible for workstation functionality and installation and password management.

What motivates you? Workmates who are nice, fun and encouraging.

What is the best thing about your work? The best thing about my job is to see the work that I have done.

What do you think the work community Elinar is like? In my opinion, Elinar is a close and supportive working community with a good team spirit.

How do you see Elinar in 10 years? I see or hope that Elinar’s artificial intelligence project will take us in an interesting direction in the world.