Staff Interview with Mikko Arohonka, Project Manager

How long have you worked with Elinar?
7 years now.

Why Elinar?
I am an IT Engineer, as well as MCs in Industrial Engineering. When they closed the doors of my previous workplace, I started to get interested in cooperation between Elinar and IBM.

What does your work include?
Mainly leading different projects and product teams.

What motivates you?
Many things, like a varying project and customer relationships. Also Elinar’s international projects and cooperation.

What is the best thing about your job?
Being a master of your own work and take care of it as I see fit.

What do you think the work community Elinar is like?
Elinar is a flexible and adaptable place to work.

How do you see Elinar in 10 years?
This is a difficult question because of the rapid development of the sector. However, I think Elinar will be more international. I see the company continues its growth in the future and I believe that we will serve our customers with the same products, but with a more advanced profile.