Elinar celebrated its long history with employees

On Friday, November 22th, 2019, the software company Elinar celebrated its 25th anniversary at Pori. The firm also rewarded employees for their 10, 15 and 20-year careers.

The Central Chamber of Commerce‘s silver badge was given to Elinar’s longest-serving employee after 20 years of working for the company. Bronze badges were given for 10 and 15 years of service. All the rewarded employees were (in order of arrival to Elinar):

20 years

  • Petri Sysilahti, Solution Architect (Pori)

15 years

  • Taija Weckström, Solutions Team Leader (Pori)
  • Erkki Jurva, Project Manager (Pori)

10 years

  • Miia Sysilahti, Customer Service Officer (Pori)
  • Tuomas Ljungqvist, Service Manager (Pori)
  • Ilkka Olli, Systems Team Leader (Pori)
  • Sauli Kontu, System Designer (Kalanti)
  • Leena Tähti, Marketing Manager (Pori)

Elinar has had its headquarters in Pori since 1997. This has been a value choice for a growing, international company, whose customers are mostly outside of Finland.

We enjoy being here, many of our employees are returnees from Satakunta. On the other hand, this kind of work does not require all our employees to live in Pori. Some people work remotely from their home”, says Mikko Hörkkö, the CEO of the company after giving the badges.

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