IBM Technologies and Licenses

We offer a wide range of IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and IBM Collaboration technologies and licenses as an IBM Gold Business Partner.

Our services include the following:

  • Optimizing IBM software solution licensing to meet your organization’s needs. We check licensing models, pricing, license agreements and terms of use to fit a need.
  • Offering consultation and general information about software solutions, generate tenders and take care of ordering.
  • Elinar will help to deal with and reporting service requests (PRM) to IBM on software which have valid support maintenance. We can operate with IBM Problem Management Record system.
  • Elinar will give regular information about solution roadmaps, new functionalities, and also the lifecycles of IBM ECM software.
  • Our professionals help to choose the most cost-effective solution out of the IBM software portfolio.

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IBM Datacap

IBM Datacap allows capture of business-critical content at any point of the business process. Content may reside on paper, email or it could be for example Excel spreadsheet. Datacap allows us to capture business-critical content with high efficiency by using scalable automated rule runner technology.

IBM Datacap has several user interfaces; our consultants will choose the most effective one for a particular use case:

  • Datacap Desktop Client: Windows Client that allows very powerful custom data entry panels
  • Fastdoc Client: New agile Application Development and Capture Client
  • Content Navigator Client: New HTML5 based UI for Client free operation
  • Mobile Client: Android and iOS Client for Mobile Capture

Datacap architecture is very scalable. It can accomplish anything from few pages per day to tens of thousands of pages per hour. Datacap solutions can be provided on-premises or through Elinar SaaS/Cloud delivery model depending on the use case. Unlike the competition, IBM Datacap is licensed per user. This makes license costs predictable and typically significantly lower than metrics that are based on a number of captured pages.

Elinar offers a wide range of Datacap services from basic simple OCR implementation to advanced table extraction with data validation.

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The case where the software was used: BOS
Elinar's reference: Bertel O. Steen (BOS)

IBM’s Marketplace
Support Page of IBM
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IBM Content Navigator

IBM Content Navigator (ICN) is the HTML5-based ECM User Experience Platform providing seamless user experience across IBM’s technologies – ECM products.

Elinar has been providing advanced configuration and development services for ICN since launch. Almost anything can be accomplished using ICN by extending the base functionality through open Plug-in architecture. Here are some examples:

  • ECM-CRM integration using small ICN plug-in to embed content from the repository into CRM. For example, if you click the name of customer, the list of documents appears underneath the customer name. Traditionally this would have been tedious programming work. With ICN plug-in solution takes a few days.
  • eClient (component of CM8) customization can be brought over Navigator using a plugin architecture
  • Bring Content and Records over to Sharepoint using simple ICN based web part.
  • Integrate ERP solutions into Content Navigator user framework.
  • Bring Case Management into Connections or Sharepoint environments.
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The case where the software was used: Ilmarinen
Elinar's reference: Ilmarinen

IBM Business Automation Workflow

IBM Business Automation Workflow is a platform to create workflow applications to improve productivity.

It’s part of the IBM’s technologies, Digital Business Automation platform, which includes various product offerings. Because of it you can digitize all aspects of business operations, while providing real-time insight into your business. IBM Digital Business Automation is a flexible automation platform that automates repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture and business decisions.

Workflow applications coordinate work between human tasks and automated tasks to improve daily business operations. They have four main components:

  • An authoring environment to create and configure the application.
  • Frameworks or models for sequencing and delegating work. With Business Automation Workflow, the models can be either structured processes or unstructured cases. You can choose your model based on the pattern of your workflow and not be limited to a case or a process.
  • User experience for interacting with the application. To provide consistent user experiences, you can reuse standardized workflows across the organization.
  • Administrative tools for optimizing how the application runs, deploying new versions and managing security.
IBM PowerAI for cognitive applications

PowerAI – tuned performance

IBM developed PowerAI, enterprise distribution and support for open-source machine and also deep learning frameworks to build cognitive applications.

PowerAI offers enterprise support on IBM Power Systems S822LC for HPC platforms. Already thousands of developers use it in commercial, academic and hyperscale systems environments. These Power systems are built with IBM’s technologies POWER8 with NVIDIA NVLink processor that is linked via the high-speed NVLink interface to NVIDIA’s Tesla Pascal P100 GPU accelerators. The CPU to GPU and GPU to GPU NVLink connections gives a performance boost to deep learning and analytics applications.

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IBM’s Marketplace
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IBM POWER8 / AIX 7.1 Managed Services

IBM POWER8 servers combine high performance, storage, and I/O to focus on increasing volumes of data while maintaining system speed

Elinar offers a full set of services on top of IBM POWER8 architecture using AIX 7.1 operating system. Many IBM ECM and cognitive technologies are business-critical to our customers. For such business-critical environments, Elinar offers the most stable and secure environment in the form of IBM POWER8 servers and AIX 7.1 Enterprise operating system. Some people think that AIX 7.1 is quite dull – it simply works. This might alienate some more adventurous people, but for the rest of us, who are more concerned with high availability, maximum uptime and stability this is a huge bonus.

We tailor and set up Elinar AIX managed services as per customer basis. This means that we provide secure services into customer intranet with ease. We provide managed IBM POWER8 AIX -based services only as part of a complete service package. It includes everything from server capacity to Elinar high-value support and maintenance services for the solutions running on AIX. So we are not selling a simple IBM POWER8 capacity.

Besides AIX CPU, Memory and SAN disk we will also provide high availability based on IB PowerHA and IBM Websphere Network Deployment as part of our offerings.

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→ IBM’s information about Power8
→ More info about AIX

High availability and disaster recovery (HADR)

HADR services cover everything from planning to actual implementation

Customers can use HADR services in their or Elinar’s environment. Ensuring that your business-critical ECM solutions are meeting corporate requirements for availability and recovery.

HADR is a key component when defining business continuity. It is important to find a balance between availability and disaster recovery time and cost. Using technologies available almost everything up to 99,999 % availability is doable. This might not be practical in terms of cost and operational flexibility.

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SaaS and Cloud

Elinar SaaS delivery model is more than a traditional cloud

Elinar SaaS delivery model is not a traditional cloud; our solutions are available as dedicated SaaS with proven enterprise security and scalability. By implementing all SaaS offering using dedicated capacity we can offer full customer user directory integration, including SSO and adaptation to all corporate security requirements.

Our dedicated SaaS enables our customers to gain full benefits of SaaS with strong enterprise-grade security. Elinar has currently two data centers located in Finland for high availability and we are looking to open a data center in Norway 2019. Our data centers are using IBM StorWize 7000 technologies for storage and IBM/LenovoSystem X on the server side. IBM Power8 (AIX 7.1/Linux) is also supported.

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