Elinar cares about customer satisfaction

In order to provide good customer service in terms of technical support and maintenance, Elinar monitors customer satisfaction annually. We did the last survey at the end of the last year. During 2017, support and maintenance services improved a lot according to the majority of customers.

At the beginning of the last year, Elinar established the new Services unit. This way we could ensure sufficient resources for support and maintenance. This again in turn improved the customer service.

– Our aim is to open a support or maintenance ticket in our system within 30 minutes from the customer message, explains customer service officer Miia Sysilahti.

More reporting

Company experts have also a better understanding of that regular reporting is important for the customers. Thus we report along the way of dealing with the service ticket.

The survey showed that we were improved all nine categories monitored. For example personnel’s attitude, reporting, response time and system reliability.

– Improved customer satisfaction is the sum of improvement in all these categories. This would not have been possible without the consistent work we’ve been doing to improve our service, tells Miia.

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