Elinar’s solution for criminal investigation

We created a comprehensive solution for managing criminal investigation and prosecution. The same solution can be implemented on various investigative processes or operations. The solution makes criminal investigation and prosecution processes automatic, documented and manageable. It turns processes efficient, traceable and compliant with regulations.

All the relevant back-end data sources are combined with the solution. It can also relate to IBM i2 Analyze / Analyst Notebook Premium for powerful analytics. Elinar Inquisitor automates, documents and manages criminal investigations and prosecution processes.

The solution fully leverages powerful case management and investigation framework provided by IBM Case Manager for Investigations (ICMI). ICMI works on top of IBM Case Manager and adds information models suitable for investigations as well as various versatile functionalities. Elinar has created significant enhancements on top of ICMI in order to fulfill unique requirements of crime investigation and prosecution workloads such as Suspect-Criminal Act handling with powerful workflow and traceability capabilities.

A Case Study

Supreme Prosecutors Office at Montenegro

The volume of paper is increasing all the time. Various systems that are separate from each other. Sudden need to get statistics of different variables. A need to organize efficient collaboration and a need for a system, that allows traceability. Supreme State Prosecutor Office at Montenegro faced all these challenges.

Handling lots of paperwork manually is time-consuming and error prone. It is hard to create statistics of all the different aspects contained in the paperwork. Even though you have different systems for handling all the information it is still very inefficient: To gain efficiency, all the information and processes should be within one system. The process should always be traceable and have all the documents available.

Optimal solution for this would be a system that automatically takes care of archiving and sorting data. One that would enable clear and fluid process around all the paperwork. One that could integrate all the existing systems and add them as a part of an efficient workflow process. Elinar delivered just this to the Supreme State Prosecutor Office. Elinar Inquisitor – based on efficient IBM Case Manager technology – was used to create a solution that met all these challenges at once.

Simplicity, efficiency, traceability and compliance

Simplified prosecution workflow with the solution is as follows:

  • Registration officer gets a criminal act report from relevant authorities.
  • The officer gathers relevant materials and opens the case.
  • Once the case has been opened prosecution office manager will assign investigator to the case.
  • Case is then analyzed by investigator. Sub-investigations are assigned to various specialists from different fields – Audio, ballistics, clinical laboratory or other professionals.
  • As sub-investigation results are gathered the investigator advances with investigations and ultimately makes a decision that is to be accepted by manager.

The case can be placed on hold until all required information is received. Case can be ended if investigations reveal that there is no reason for prosecution. The case can be also sent to another prosecution office. If the prosecution office has got all the relevant information and there is a reason for prosecution, the case will be advanced to the court. Case is also archived and can be re-opened later.

Benefits of the solution

The solution makes it possible to manage all investigation procedures while keeping process and information gathering well optimized and organized. Our solution provides easy to follow procedures and unparalleled level of information accessibility and reusability. All the information is available from a single source and can be further enhanced by advanced IBM Watson content analytics. Solution also makes it possible to gather statistics way more efficiently and search for documents.

The solution enables effective transparency, traceability and compliance. The system maintains all the documents relevant to the case and doesn’t allow for untraceable modification or removal of them. Digitized documents cannot get lost as is case with tons of actual papers. The solution makes it easy to be compliant with local legislation and EU requirements.

To sum up the solution

  • Reduces paperwork enormously and digitizes content to make it flexible and accessible.
  • Integrates all the existing systems and adds them to an efficient workflow.
  • Adds real traceability and powerful archiving.
  • Enables efficient analytics and statistics.