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AI powers up sales order processing

AI Powers up sales order processing

Leveraging AI capabilities can dramatically enhance effort-to-value-ratio of sales order processing. Sales orders come in countless forms. Orders come as email and someone needs to process them into ERP system. It takes routine human effort to scan these orders and pick up the essential information for further processing. You can do sales order processing in […]

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We help you manage criminal investigation

Elinar’s solution for criminal investigation We created a comprehensive solution for managing criminal investigation and prosecution. We can implement the same solution on various investigative processes or operations. The solution makes a criminal investigation and prosecution processes automatic, documented and manageable. It turns processes efficient, traceable and compliant with regulations. The solution combines all the […]

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We take care of your case management

Organizations have entered the world of cognitive work and workers. Whether we talk about government, intelligence, law enforcement or some other organization the cognitive era is here. But to manage this old process automation solutions are outdated. Enterprise Content Management – and especially Case Management – is suitable for this era. Let us explain why. […]

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We turn your data into business value

We deliver end-to-end content and information management services that allow you to take every step from capturing to managing your critical business data. You can refine your data and information into business value by going through the following phases: 1) Capturing, 2) Enriching, 3) Using and 4) Managing. Background 40 000 000 000 000 000 […]

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