We are committed to delivering high-quality ECM products and solutions for our customers by investing in continuous process improvement activities. Our operational processes are maintained and developed based on the ISO/IEC 12207 and ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) standards.

We deliver ECM products and solutions as IT system projects. We define a project as a managed set of sequential and parallel tasks carried out and managed by our skilled professionals. In the project planning phase, our standard processes are tailored to fit the project’s situational factors, such as project scope and stakeholder specific requirements. Likewise, the project’s lifecycle model is chosen according to need. We can flexibly use both iterative and waterfall development models.

Elinar’s standard processes are based on the ISO/IEC 12207 life cycle processes.

Elinar's processes

We use ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) standard to assess process capability. In addition, we gather customer feedback and use experience-based knowledge to further improve our operative performance and customer satisfaction.

Summary of our engineering processes:
  • CR – Requirements elicitation: Customer meetings and demos; Customer requirements specification, its walkthrough, and inspection; Customer contacts, e.g. requirements elicitation and specification review.
  • FS – Functional specification: Architecture and UI planning: Operating instructions and functional specification, their walkthrough and inspections; Customer contacts, e.g. demos, functional specification review.
  • SC – Software construction and unit testing: Unit testing plan, its walkthrough and inspection; Solution design planning; Coding; Unit testing and reporting; Peer reviews; Software troubleshooting and fixing; Technical specification, its walkthrough, and inspection; Customer contacts, e.g. technical details.
  • SI – Software installation and integration: Installation plan, its walkthrough, and inspection; Installations; Configurations; Installation test plan, its walkthrough and inspection; Installation testing and reporting; Troubleshooting and fixing.
  • OT – Overall testing: Overall test plan, its walkthrough, and inspection; Overall testing, regression testing and reporting.
  • DL – Delivery: Delivery related documents; Delivery preparations; Delivery to a customer, e.g. design transfer.
  • MS – Software and system maintenance: Customer meetings; Documentation, e.g. service description; Maintenance tasks and checks; Customer contacts, e.g. support.
Summary of our management and supporting processes:
  • PM – Project management: Project planning, walkthrough, and inspection; Project controlling and reporting; Risk management; Meeting, e.g. weekly status meeting; Customer contacts.
  • QM – Quality management: Quality assurance and measurement; Documentation; Process improvement; Internal meetings, e.g. training.
  • Supportive processes: A set of Elinar’s common practices that support the planning and execution of engineering and management processes. Supportive processes offer e.g. document review practices, document templates, naming and versioning conventions, etc.


For more information, contact:

Jari Korpela
Quality Manager