The customer story about documents’ PDF/A rendering in Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

Elinar implemented a solution about PDF/A rendering to Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen. Transforming from old documents to PDF / A form enabled fully paperless archiving. In addition, the solution improved Ilmarinen’s productivity, efficiency, and trust with instant access to documents via a unified interface.


Ilmarinen’s mission is to ensure that over 900,000 people employed in Finland receive the pension they have earned from their employment. Backed by 550 experts in the field, the company helps its clients succeed, and helps their employees enjoy their work and spend a healthy and happy retirement.

As an insurer, Ilmarinen needs to store vital policy documents securely for more than 50 years – but it also needs to keep this information easily accessible for use in day-to-day business processes.

The solution is known as “Holvi”, which is the Finnish word for “vault”. Holvi is a 24/7 centralized short and long-term archive serving all business processes within the enterprise. The Ilmarinen team used IBM Content Navigator to provide an intuitive user interface that provides document retrieval from client systems like SharePoint. A web services-based interface was implemented as an API between client systems and Holvi. These interfaces empower the administration and daily usage of Holvi via a web browser or client system. Holvi is built on IBM FileNet Content Manager and Records Management platform.

PDF/A versions of all archived records are created to meet the requirements of long-term archiving. The transformation from the original document format to PDF/A is made utilizing Crawford Technologies Riptide Conversion Services for FileNet and is part of the archiving process in Holvi.

PDF/A Rendering

PDF/A rendering is the last step of the archival process in Holvi. The Archival process sends rendering requests into an IBM message queue. The Elinar Rendering Engine (ERE) reads the request, fetches the document from FileNet, and passes it to Riptide Conversion Services. Riptide Conversion Services returns a PDF/A version to ERE. ERE files the PDF/A version into FileNet and links it to the original document from which security and metadata are inherited.

Functional details
  • Enables fully paperless archiving
  • MoReq2 compatible
  • Instant access data from its archives and other active sources
  • Provides enterprise-level archive service for documents
Riptide Conversion Services for FileNet

Riptide Conversion Services for FileNet is an Office document transformation solution and is IBM’s recommended replacement for a FileNet Rendition Engine. It supports a wide range of input formats, including standard Office documents, images, and text documents.

Customer benefits
  • Boosts productivity, efficiency, and trust with instant access to documents via a unified interface
  • Simplifies compliance with legal requirements for long-term document retention
  • Reduces cost by eliminating physical document storage and paper-based processes
  • Enables better B2C communication by allowing customers to securely access their own records
  • Better backup and disaster recovery
Providers of the solution
  • Elinar is a specialist in AI-assisted content and information management and IBM ECM products. We help knowledge-intensive organizations turn their data into business value.
  • Crawford Technologies develops software and solutions to help enterprises optimize and improve the secure and accessible delivery, storage, and presentment of their customer communications.
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