Elinar, the small software company from Pori, won IBM’s Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution Award 2020 for the successful integration of AI with IBM technology. IBM Finland gave the award to Elinar on aIBM Nordic Digital Ecosystem Summit.

The selection criteria mentioned a long collaboration as an IBM Business Partner. Elinar and IBM have a history of more than 20 years. Also, they praised the company’s ability to transform since its founding (1994). “Elinar has been able to innovate in a great way, adopt new technologies and change direction to serve better the need of the market.”

AI integration with IBM software

The jury considered Elinar’s internationality and innovations in the selection. “In addition to reselling and deploying IBM products, this partner has created its own solutions to provide even better added value to customers around the world.” One key example was the integration of the Elinar’s own AI engine’s (ElinarAI™) capabilities into IBM’s content management solutions.

Elinar launched the AI-assisted ElinarEasy™ solution in September 2020. It was noticed in the criteria for winning the Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution Award. The latest manifestation of combining Elinar’s own AI with IBM technologies was a solution that “currently focuses on helping customers streamline and automate invoice processes. But in the future, the same idea can be applied to other areas of financial management.”

Development work continues

Elinar’s Marketing Manager Leena Tähti is happy for the award. “It’s great when our long-term development work gets recognition”, she praises. “Companies’ need for AI-assisted ways to get business more efficient and automate manual work is more urgent than never before. We are constantly developing our proven solution for other business areas as well”, Leena promises.

You can read more about the ElinarEasy™ solution here.


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Marketing Manager
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