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Mikko Hörkkö CEO of Elinar sitting on a chair

Tekoälyn avulla laskujen tiliöinti voidaan automatisoida

Tekoäly valjastettu laskujen automaattiseen tiliöintiin “Yritysten keräämää valtavaa datamäärää hyödynnetään puutteellisesti”, väittää Elinarin CEO Mikko Hörkkö Newspoolin julkaisemassa haastattelussa. Elinarin kehittämä tekoälytuote ElinarAI™ voi kuitenkin kääntää tilanteen voitoksi. Se auttaa organisaatioita tehostamaan toimintaansa, saamaan säästöjä ja jopa synnyttämään kokonaan uusia liiketoimintamalleja. Kansainvälisesti palkittua tekoälyä on valjastettu erityisesti suuryritysten taloushallinnon dokumentoinnin avuksi. Manuaalinen rutiinityö, kuten laskujen […]

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AI combines payments and open invoices

Elinar uses AI to combine payments and open invoices 

Our customer’s business challenge was to combine incoming payments to open invoices due to incorrect and incomplete reference numbers. This problem occurred with international companies, especially. After implementing Elinar’s AI solution, the degree of automation in invoice processing will grow from 40 % to 80 %. Background Many companies are struggling with the problem, that […]

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AI-event in Oulu, Petri Sysilahti speaking

AI-event presented practical solutions from work-life

Elinar was in Oulu cohosting an AI-event. During the information-rich day, many field professionals presented various possibilities with implementing AI into businesses and the technical executions. Because of the quality program and the fields professionals speeches, there were around two hundred listeners from all over Finland. Automation lever rises with the help of AI The […]

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AI powers up sales order processing

AI powers up sales order processing

Taking advantage of AI capabilities can dramatically enhance the effort-to-value-ratio of sales order processing Sales orders come in countless forms. Orders come through email and someone has to process them into the ERP system. It takes routine human effort to scan these orders and collect the essential information for further processing. Sales orders can be […]

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AI processes invoices more precision than a human

AI processes invoices with more precision than a human

Invoices are still processed manually when the use of AI could make the process faster and more cost-efficient. Usually, companies process invoices manually, not by AI. It is understandable because companies can get multiple invoices in different formats. Then no-one might see the automated process very realistic. Manual work can easily waste valuable working resources, […]

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Think Helsinki

Think Helsinki 2018 – Where Technology meets Humanity

Think Helsinki 2018 November 1st 2018 at 8.00-18.00, Messukeskus Think Helsinki will bring together technology experts, industry leaders and innovators to discuss the impact of AI, cloud & data and security. You can find ideas how to make the world of business work smarter. The event will feature two main keynotes: Suvi Haimi of Sulapac […]

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Aigine logo

Aigine Unstructured Data Inventory Engine Powered by ElinarAI

Elinar collaborated with a Swedish company called Aigine to create a unique, repeatable and highly scalable solution. This is for ensuring that businesses worldwide can ensure compliance with GDPR regulation in regards to unstructured data. Also, there is a required legal basis for storing such data. This is a major compliance issue for nearly all […]

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Elinar at seminar

The Advantage Breakfast Seminar

The Advantage Breakfast Seminar Invest half a day together Elinar, Provad and Silo.AI and learn more about artificial intelligence. Our CTO Ari Juntunen speaks about what opportunities AI can offer in your business. One of our example case is “how to detect fraud from video sequences”. Where: Hotel Kämp, Pohjoisesplanadi 29, 00100 Helsinki When: 08:30-11:30 […]

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Think 2018 Las Vegas

Welcome to IBM Think 2018, Las Vegas

This flagship IBM conference will be on March 19-22, Las Vegas. It gathers thinkers like you to learn, innovate, and make the world of business work smarter. Find your community within 4 Think Campuses – Cloud and Data, Infrastructure, Security and Resiliency, Business and AI. Our CTO Ari Juntunen speaks at IBM Think 2018 about […]

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