The problem

How can we find and identify GDPR data pertaining to individuals in multiple data sources? This takes a lot of manual work.

The European Parliament designed the GDPR to give individuals better control over their personal data and to establish a single set of data protection rules across Europe. The new regulation concerns, not just EU-based companies, but also any company collecting personally identifiable information (PII) on EU citizens.

Every single company that stores EU citizen data must comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. They must all be fully GDPR-compliant from May 25th, 2018. The regulation is directly binding and applicable.

Sanctions may follow if a company fails to comply with the regulation. Sanctions may be up to €20 million or up to 4% of the company’s global annual turnover.

Enter ElinarAI  – a powerful GDPR solution!

ElinarAI makes a complex GDPR compliance and data discovery problem a simple one. It can:

  • Tell whether the content it sees contains GDPR (personal) data or not, and
  • Identify the GDPR data.

Screen shot from Aigine demo version

The GDPR solution works as a stand-alone or in the context of another, larger solution. We are also partnering with companies that deliver GDPR solutions but lack a piece of the puzzle we deliver.

We’ve built ElinarAI for GDPR and other personal data discovery on the IBM Power Systems and PowerAI platform. It uses our unique AI capabilities to enable customers to mine huge amounts of personal data. We are also specialized in personal data processing with our partner Aigine.

IBM Watson Build challenge

IBM has been recognized and proven Elinar’s GDPR solution. The company selected Elinar as the Wildcard Champion of the global IBM Watson Build challenge and was one of eight companies at the challenge finals.

Elinar's CTO Ari Juntunen speaks in IBM Watson Build Challenge Competition

Elinar accelerated AI solution development through the Watson Build Challenge.


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