This past year we have had a good pace in Elinar. Our work increasing automation in our customers’ manifold business processes has continued and we have introduced new methods of use for Elinar AI to process unstructured data. New needs are found from both the private and public sector. It is worth exploring all opportunities to utilize Artificial Intelligence with low thresholds. We in Elinar believe that by automating tedious, manual, and error-prone work we improve work satisfaction and the end quality of the process. A future goal for any organization.

Take care of ourselves and our loved ones. We should not forget that in the middle of everyday life, however, its importance arises more now that we are settling down to pass Christmas time and get ready to celebrate the coming new year 2024.

Very peaceful Christmas time and Happy New Year to all Elinarians, to our partners, and to anyone who reads this.

Merry Christmas,

Mikko Hörkkö

Managing Director