Author: Leena Tähti

ElinarAI: Moving from Deep Learning into Deep Transfer Learning

ElinarAI has been very successful in past years on solving various different unstructured data related challenges, including Accounts Payable / Sales Order Automation, Medical Records Sensemaking and various Legal Issues like GDPR/Privacy and automated analysis of Legal Cases. Our Initial approach was to combine highly advanced ElinarNER (Elinar Named Entity Recognizer) with Deep Learning to […]

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Elinar laajentaa osaamistaan Red Hat -teknologioihin

Haastattelussa Elinarin Ilkka Olli ja Tuomas Ljungqvist Elinarilla on pitkä, yli 20 vuoden yhteistyö IBM:n kanssa. IBM:n tekemä yrityskauppa Red Hatin kanssa vaikutti osaltaan siihen, että Elinar kiinnostui kumppanuudesta Red Hatin kanssa. Päätös asiasta syntyi vuoden 2020 aikana. Elinarilaiset ovat innoissaan yhteistyöstä ja sen tuomista mahdollisuuksista. Pääsin haastattelemaan aiheesta Elinarin teknistä palvelupäällikköä Tuomas Ljungqvistia ja […]

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Christmas Greetings

Christmas greetings from Mikko Hörkkö

The current year has been exceptional. A quick change in our daily life routines has put us facing entirely new challenges. In the ICT branch, it was quite easy to move from offices to “the home offices”. However, the work ergonomics has taken steps backward now that we are sitting behind the small screen laptop […]

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happy global day of parenting

The flexibility of employer helps in parenting

I feel privileged because I’ve been working for over 10 years with the same employer. I have been able from the beginning to combine the flexibility of work, study, and leisure. Later, I was able to combine these in addition to parenting the way that works with me the best. Without the company’s way of being flexible in […]

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